PupRing Gift Card
PupRing Gift Card
PupRing Gift Card

PupRing Gift Card

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  • Hand-crafted & Engraved in Ohio
  • 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee


PupRings are highly personalized gifts that are purrfect for any ocassion. But what do you do when you don't know your friends ring size! 😢

That's why we added gift cards! Now you can gift a personalized PupRing and make sure it will be perfect 🙂!

  • $35 is perfect for our signature Dog bone ring. 
  • RECOMMENDED $50 is perfect to gift one of our dog bone rings + a lifetime warranty OR our signature pawprint necklace where we engrave your best friensd pawprint into a pendant -- So you can keep your best friend, close to your heart💕
  • $100 is best if you plan on getting multiple rings/pendents for your family or friends! 
  • These are virtual gift cards that will be sent to your email address!


What materials do you use?

    Each one of our rings are made from High Quality Sterling Silver. We only use the finest material for our rings to make sure that you receive only the highest quality product.

    How do you engrave my dogs name into the ring?

      We use a laser engraving machine to deep engrave your doggos name into the bone of the PupRing. When the engraving is finished, the area around name is darkened and needs to be buffed by hand. Once the ring is buffed, we ink fill your pups name and buff it one last time to make sure the name is clearly visible. 

      Why do we only allow 8 letters?

        We want to make sure your message is perfect and if we try to squeeze any more letters in, it will hard to read & squished together. In order to make sure you get an awesome engraving, we need to limit the number of characters to make sure that we do not compromise the quality.

        How do I choose the right size?

          Our rings use standard sizing, so if you know your ring size you can be confident you’ll get the perfect fit! We also have a sizing chart for your convenience, and if you are still concerned about getting the correct size, most jewelry stores or jewelry counters in convenience stores will size you for free.

          Our 60 Day Promise to You

          A PupRing isn't just a ring to us, it is a collection of the shared memories between you and your beloved pet. We want to show you that love & respect by giving a 60-day warranty on all purchases. This 60 day warranty covers any product defects that might have slipped our careful quality checks! (Ex: Diamonds that are missing, bent metal, etc).

          Our LIFETIME Warranty

            The PupRing extended warranty is an exclusive addition to our services which includes the following benefits:

            • Resizing any PupRing product if wrong size was ordered
            • Refilling ink-fill on any product
            • Replacement due to external damage
            • aka if you smash it, hit it with a bolder, throw it in lava, or simply something really really bad happens, we will replace it :)

            *each of these have a limit of one use.

            JUST FOR YOU

            Our handcrafted rings provides the opportunity to showcase your appreciation for your dog by engraving their name front and center. 

            You can wear this ring everyday with pride, allowing you to display your best friend's unconditional love


            No matter how big your dog gets, there will be always be room for more love. Your dog has always been there through the tough times and the great times.

            What better way to showcase your appreciation for their support with a custom ring, engraved in their honor?

            THOUSANDS OF

            We have been actively listening to your feedback and making changes! We know that you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PUPRING

            That is why we are offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with your personalized ring.