Pet Face Necklace™
Pet Face Necklace™
Pet Face Necklace™
Pet Face Necklace™
Pet Face Necklace™
Pet Face Necklace™

Pet Face Necklace™

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  • Ready to ship September 29, 2022
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  • Won't turn you green
  • 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee


 Custom Face Necklace – A custom necklace for anything you love in life. Each necklace holds your pet's face and their name underneath the engraving

• Engraved to last a lifetime – Each necklace is made with Silver & WILL NOT turn your neck green (or any other color for that matter)

• 60-Day money-back guarantee – If you're not 100% satisfied with your pupring in the first 60 days, let us know and we will send you a full refund

1. Choose your favorite color (Silver, Gold or Rose Gold)
2. Select how many pendants you would like your necklace to have!
Upload a Photo of your pet (If you chose two pendants then upload two photos! Etc.)
4. Add the name of your pets! (optional)

That's it! Submit your order and our team will jump on editing, engraving, and polishing your new PupRing Necklace!

Choose between Silver, Gold, & Rose Gold!

• Each chain is 45cm in length
• Each pendant is 15mm in diameter
Metal used is 316L stainless steel
• Each chain can hold up to 4 unique pendants!

We offer free shipping on all orders above $50! Your brand new PupRing will arrive within 10-15 days of purchase

Each PupRing is hand engraved one at a time till perfection. We have a five business day processing period to make sure your ring comes out perfectly. Once your PupRing is engraved, we package your ring(s) and drop them off at USPS. USPS estimates that domestic orders will arrive within 7-10 days. For international orders, it may take up to 20 days for your PupRing to arrive.

All of our rings are engraved, packaged, and shipped from our warehouse in the USA. 

If you have any issues with your order and want to return or exchange an item, email us at and we would be happy to help 🐶

A Wonderful

No matter how big your dog gets, there will be always be room for more love. Your dog has always been there through the tough times and the great times.

What better way to showcase your appreciation for their support with a custom necklace, engraved with their face?


Our NEW handcrafted necklace provides the opportunity to showcase your appreciation for your dog by engraving their face front and center. 

You can wear this necklace everyday with pride, allowing you to display your best friend's unconditional love