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Photo guide

1. Avoid Blur

Blur WrongBlur Right

Ensure your photo is clear and focused, blurry photos can affect the precision of the engraving, making it look less distinct and sharp.

2. Multiple Pets

Multiple WrongMultiple Right

Avoid pictures with multiple pets, as this decreases engraving quality. We only engrave one pet picture per pendant.

3. Include Whole Head & Eyes

Whole Head WrongWhole Head Right

Make sure the entire head, ears, and both eyes are visible. A front-facing photo will provide us with a better basis for the engraving, resulting in a more realistic and detailed final product.

4. Darker Dogs: Pay Attention to Lighting

Dark Dogs WrongDark Dogs Right

For darker dogs, even lighting is essential to ensure all details are captured accurately in the engraving. Avoid hard shadows or too dark pictures.